zondag 16 augustus 2015

Reuploaded some videos and lotus turbo challenge review

Since i had a couple of 'third party content' claims on some videos which was quite annoying i re-edited some videos with different tunes, cut out tunes or even cut out sections of the video and re-uploaded them yesterday so you will find some older videos that appear to be new. I added (re-upload) behind the title so you can see that its an older video.

I wont go into the whole copyright thing but some claims where just ridiculous and some where fair .

I also uploaded a new review: Lotus turbo challenge on the Sega Megadrive.

What games would you guys see reviewed or what kind of videos do you like to see? More retro game reviews? More howtos? More modern hardware reviews? More random fun videos like the GTA 5 Smart commercial?  let me know!

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