zondag 23 augustus 2015

Donald ducks playground

Released in 1984 by Sierra, Donald ducks playground is a kids game to teach children to work for money, learn a bit of math and learn how to match items and make things go the right way.

In Donald Duck's playground you can do the following jobs:
  • The greengrocer's: Donald is responsible for sorting vegetables thrown to him from the back of a pick-up truck in three different boxes. One of the boxes is for watermelons, one is for pumpkins, and one is forcantaloupes. Each vegetable gets thrown at a randomly chosen distance. Donald has to catch it and put it in the correct box. If Donald doesnt catch the fruit or puts the fruit in the wrong box it will squash the fruit and he wont earn any money
  • The toy shop: Donald has to put toys in the correct place on a shelf. Every 80 seconds or so, a train will pass on a nearby railroad. If the shelf is open at the time, the train will cause toys to drop from the shelf, losing money. Donald has to close the shelf for the time the train is coming. 
  • The railroad: Donald is at a switch console, putting switches on the tracks in the correct order, so that the trains can pick their cargo up from the correct cars and deliver it to the correct city. 
  • The airport: Donald is responsible for sorting cargo given to him on a conveyor belt into the cargo vans for flights. Each item of cargo bears the three-letter abbreviation of some U.S. airport. Donald has to throw it into a passing cargo van with the matching code. Near the end, the aeroplane leaves, and Donald has to stop sorting cargo. Donald earns 3 cents for each item sorted.
All in all its a great game for kids , even today. Take a look at the full review on youtube

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