zaterdag 21 juni 2014

Coming soon on Oldtech81 youtube: USB OTG

I will be making a new video soon about USB OTG or USB on the go.

USB OTG is not a new technology but has been around for quite some time but it isn't used all that much because not many people know about it and manufacturers dont supply these adapters with their products.

With a simple USB OTG adapter you can greatly expand the possibilities of portable devices like tablet computers and some smartphones.

The USB OTG adapters convert your micro USB connector to a USB host adapter which will accept a lot of USB devices like keyboards, mice, USB mass storage devices and gamepads. With these devices you can convert your tablet to a simple desktop pc or awesome gaming device, especially with all the emulators out there. Best of all? These adapters costs next to nothing!

In the upcoming video i will show you what you can do with this adapater!

The video about USB on the go is now live on youtube, check it out:

Review: USB on the go

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