zondag 27 september 2015

Schematics for the serial to TTL cable

Schematics for the serial to TTL converter as shown in the video: The commodore64 on the internet.

2400 baud version:

 9600 baud version:

Commodore 64 site online

I've created a new website about the Commodore 64: www.commodore64site.nl

On the website you can find all kinds of information about the C64, from the various hardware to schematics to pinouts and you can also download ROMS and programs.

Go check it out and let me know what you think !

donderdag 3 september 2015


Oldtech81 now also has a facebook page, i will post updates on upcoming video there and you can contact me on


So add me! :)

Extended reviews will still be written on this blog because i think its much easier for reading longer texts and to have 1 place for written reviews. 

zondag 23 augustus 2015

Donald ducks playground

Released in 1984 by Sierra, Donald ducks playground is a kids game to teach children to work for money, learn a bit of math and learn how to match items and make things go the right way.

In Donald Duck's playground you can do the following jobs:
  • The greengrocer's: Donald is responsible for sorting vegetables thrown to him from the back of a pick-up truck in three different boxes. One of the boxes is for watermelons, one is for pumpkins, and one is forcantaloupes. Each vegetable gets thrown at a randomly chosen distance. Donald has to catch it and put it in the correct box. If Donald doesnt catch the fruit or puts the fruit in the wrong box it will squash the fruit and he wont earn any money
  • The toy shop: Donald has to put toys in the correct place on a shelf. Every 80 seconds or so, a train will pass on a nearby railroad. If the shelf is open at the time, the train will cause toys to drop from the shelf, losing money. Donald has to close the shelf for the time the train is coming. 
  • The railroad: Donald is at a switch console, putting switches on the tracks in the correct order, so that the trains can pick their cargo up from the correct cars and deliver it to the correct city. 
  • The airport: Donald is responsible for sorting cargo given to him on a conveyor belt into the cargo vans for flights. Each item of cargo bears the three-letter abbreviation of some U.S. airport. Donald has to throw it into a passing cargo van with the matching code. Near the end, the aeroplane leaves, and Donald has to stop sorting cargo. Donald earns 3 cents for each item sorted.
All in all its a great game for kids , even today. Take a look at the full review on youtube

woensdag 19 augustus 2015

Samson go mic USB review is live

My review of the Samson USB go mic is now live, go see it at youtube ! 

Finally: New microphone

This just arrived in the mail this morning: My new microphone. A Samson usb gomic.

I might just do a review of it  but at least i hope this will improve audio quality in future videos a lot since my old mic isnt that great. 

zondag 16 augustus 2015

Reuploaded some videos and lotus turbo challenge review

Since i had a couple of 'third party content' claims on some videos which was quite annoying i re-edited some videos with different tunes, cut out tunes or even cut out sections of the video and re-uploaded them yesterday so you will find some older videos that appear to be new. I added (re-upload) behind the title so you can see that its an older video.

I wont go into the whole copyright thing but some claims where just ridiculous and some where fair .

I also uploaded a new review: Lotus turbo challenge on the Sega Megadrive.

What games would you guys see reviewed or what kind of videos do you like to see? More retro game reviews? More howtos? More modern hardware reviews? More random fun videos like the GTA 5 Smart commercial?  let me know!